Our company “Mars Bio Chem” offers exclusively designed range of Sewage Treatment Plants. As the products offered by our organization are the most scientific and accurate in getting rid of the sewage in most effective manner, these are widely used for various application areas like growing demands of Water, Industrial waste and Effluent treatment plants.

 For convince” Mars Bio Chem” have divided in two parts of sewage treatment because we get two type of waste water one is sewage related which we can say human waste water and other is related (bio-degradable item) (HI-BOD) which we can say kitchen & hospital waste water.

 Mars Bio Chem provides a useful process for sewage water treatment. Now-a-days this is too important method for treat water of sewage. We gave its name “waste water treatment through plantation”(reed bed). It is very useful for domestic waste water of hotels, apartments, colonies, open drainage , schools institutes etc. It is a best adoptable method additional cost results are amazing. Its works on gravity, low electric power, requirements easy to maintain cost effective for a large quantity sewage treatment plant. Treated water quality will meet the specified norms of cpcb/state pollution control board for water reuse.

if have a large space than this method is useful.

 Type of reed bed method:

  • Horizontal flow reed-beds
  • Vertical flow reed-beds
  • Down-flow reed-beds

Benefits of through plantation method ( reed bed)

  • Economic
  • Friendly environment
  • Maintenance free
  • Without chemical treatment
  • Less civil work
  • Beautiful surrounding
  • Best result